Eco Style Traveling in New Zealand Just Makes Sense

When it comes to starting up any small business, my advice to readers has been to ask themselves a few simple questions.

Eco Lodge Tourist Destination in New Zealand

1) Where are you geographically and what are your assets there? For example, in New Zealand its nature.  In New York City, it  would be the arts.  Ask yourself this question and then you can be clear on how to move forward.

2) What is your passion? This is possibly the most vital one, because you can work around number 3 with enough passion.  Myself and my partner love the outdoors. Running and hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing are all things we love.  The elements in New Zealand make it a paradise for people like us and ripe for opportunities to build a business around your passions.

3) What is the financial costs to start the business? How do you come up with that? And what is the feasibility of it being profitable? Every small business owner comes out of the gates with passion, usually a great deal of insights into the area of products or services they are selling, but they lack the basic accounting and book-keeping aspects that one needs to make sure your business is financially viable.  Profits and loss are critical reports to look at.

When you have covered those questions, and say YES, YES, YES  then I think it’s time for you to give it a go! You are living (if in New Zealand) in a natural paradise. And no matter where you are, you must tie your business eco model to the elements that you are surrounded by.

I want to show you a glimpse of what I am so proud of when it comes to New Zealand and Eco Tourism.  Check out these 5 amazing places to stay, and look at the nature you’ll find yourself transformed by.


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