Save Paper

Saving paper is saving trees. It will save the environment.You can save money too. I have made it a point to try to save  paper daily. I am a fanatic. I keep record!


You just need to take care of little things and you will make a lot of difference.

  • Use Gadgets – Yes using your smart phone can help you avoid taking that extra print. Airline tickets or maps it can all be done on the phone, and it will save the paper and money.
  • Do not use paper towels – Keep cloth towel handy for spills. It will help keep the waste created by throw away paper towels.
  • Read News Online – Get rid of the newspaper in the toilet habit. It is money saved for the country. Did you know Newsprint is highly subsidised paper across the globe.
  • Save the parcel box – Use the parcel box sent on christmas. It is a smart tip to recycle and save on paper.
  • Switch to online billing – Get all your bills viz. electricity, phone etc on your email. You save the paper and contribute in keeping a cleaner environment.
  • Online banking – It is the same as online billing. Just save from paper of banks by doing online transactions. They are safe and you can do it from your home or office.
  • Use Mugs for coffee – Instead of the most used paper cups, switch to the old mugs. More taste less waste.
  • Use Kindle – This innovation from Amazon is the way to go. Fewer books printed and more trees saved.

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