Eco Friendly Fashion

Many people are hopping on the eco friendly trend when it comes to the forefront of their attention. One place they may not be paying much attention to, however, is fashion.   Now, however, more and more fashion statements are becoming eco friendly.

Several leaders in the fashion industry are painting their labels green. They are finding that there are renewable resources that are just as comfortable and durable as synthetics, and are beginning to produce their clothing lines out of materials such as hemp and bamboo. These eco friendly lines don’t stop with clothes, though. Many lines of accessories are being made from renewable resources, as well. Jewelry is being made of wood and many other renewable resources.


If you’re trying to live an eco friendly life, one brand to follow are Freedom of Animals, a company that specializes in accessories that do not feature animal products, and even go a step further in the eco friendly fight by donating five percent of its proceeds to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Some of their handbags are even named after orphaned elephants whose mothers were lost to poaching, in an attempt to raise awareness of the issues.

Another brand to follow is Armor Vert, a Paris company that uses low impact dyes, renewable resources, and pays to have a tree planted somewhere in the U.S. for every tee shirt sold.

Great companies understand that living eco friendly shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing style.


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