Eco Friendly Home

Green Home

We talk about making office Eco-friendly but have you wondered how Eco-friendly your own home is? Just using the off switch more for saving energy and unplugging the equipment can help. But making you home Eco-friendly will take more effort. Believe me it is worth the effort.

  • Change to the new technology in lighting – Technology is changing fast. From light bulbs to tube lights and then from CFL to LED. The new technology is the Light emitting diode commonly known as LED. It gives more light in less energy consumption. Yes the new technology is initially expensive but it helps bring down your electric bill and makes the planet greener.
  • Recycle plastic jars – We generally throw away the jars we buy every month which are mostly of honey, butter etc. Just wash them and use them to keep various things in the kitchen and bathroom. Re using the jars will help keep the environment clean and help you save money on buying containers as well. But do not use the soft drink bottles as they are not meant for re use.
  • Get rid of bottled drinking water – Bottled water is convenient but is responsible for more clutter than any other thing. Instead use your wine bottle as a drinking water bottle. Instead you can buy the metal water bottle. This will help keep the environment green.
  • Use the air conditioner sparingly – The air conditioner keeps you comfortable but uses up a lot of energy. So, use the equipment sparingly to help the environment and pay less electricity bills. Instead use natural cooling techniques.

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