Some Alternative Homes.

Last year I visited Middle Earth, that is Hobbiton, near Auckland where the LOTR and The Hobbit where filmed, those fabulous tiny houses caught my imagination. Ok they are for small hobbits but did you know tiny houses are popular in America? These are modern tiny homes on wheels, with specifications from 24 foot. They include living space, kitchen, bathroom and stairs to the upstairs master suite. They are tiny, maneuverable, economical and they can be moved to your favourite spot! Your own hobbit house!

Mobile tiny home with some of the extra's that increase its attraction
A rather luxurious tiny home

Now having a little wander around the internet I found another alternative and that is a Yurt. Now Yurts have been used for 1,000 years and still are in some areas like Mongolia. They can be used in all kinds of weather conditions and personally I think they would fit very well into our climate. What is a Yurt; well they are round structures similar to tents. They can be put up very quickly and range from basic to luxurious. They can be anything from 12 foot to 30 foot,, more efficient at heating than square residences and designed to stand up to winds of 100 mph. Have a look here to build your own virtual yurt.

Modern Yurt with all the facilities you would want in your home at a fracton of the cost of a traditional build
Yes, this is a Yurt.

There is something so attractive about these seamless residences, very Feng Shui. They are becoming popular in New Zealand with companies here producing them now instead of importing. Yurt New Zealand and Jaia. If you are considering some a little less conventional, have a limited budget and want to be Eco-friendly then maybe you should consider a Yurt… I know I am interested. In fact interested enough that I have been exploring how maybe a loan might be an option; If you thinking along the same lines I suggest you read more about the process for getting  a loan that meets your needs.


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