Eco friendly habits

Eco friendly You

I was wondering how many of us have habits that harm the environment the least. Well folks I have made a list of habits which help the environment. We live in one of the most friendly countries of the world and should behave responsibly towards the environment.

  • Plant a tree – Add to the greenery personally and become a responsible citizen of earth.
  • Using cloth napkins – I have already mentioned this in an earlier post about paper. A very good habit which saves lots of paper and hence trees.
  • Print on both sides – Use the one-sided printed paper for printing to reduce use of paper. It is saving with care for the environment.
  • Carrying Water in reusable bottle – Yes friends using bottled water is not good for the environment. If you use your own water you are actually helping to save ground water.
  • Use shower – Another way of minimizing water use is to take a shower. It has been proven that bathing in shower uses up to 30% less water.
  • Turn off the tap while shaving – Cleaning the blade is essential for a great shave. However keeping the tap on continuously leads to wastage.
  • Car pooling – The best way to save fuel and contribute by adding lesser Carbon-dioxide to the air.
  • Keeping the Air conditioner at higher temperature – You would never want to step out of your room and feel the heat. So keep the temperature within 3 degrees to the outside temperature. Saves electricity.

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