Eco-Friendly Driving Tips

Eco-Friendly Driving

The best way to reduce the pollution caused by fossil fuel run cars is to stop using them. But until a technology is discovered to run the car on hydrogen we have no other option. This technology is still in experimental phase and not  production ready.Cars will be running no matter what.  They are the most efficient method of transport till date. But you can make your cars eco-friendly and reducing emissions by following some basic methods.

  • Servicing regularly – Servicing the car regularly means the engine will always be in shape and will burn less fuel. This means less carbon-dioxide emissions into the air. Also keep the tyre pressure optimum for less fuel consumption. It will save you bucks and also is eco-friendly.
  • Keep it light – The lighter your car is the less fuel it will consume. So remove the baggage you do not need to carry while driving. Even small things like a briefcase can make some difference. It reduces the drag and also the carbon footprint.
  • Drive at constant speed – Driving too slow or too fast consumes lots of fuel and that means more carbon footprints. So drive at a constant speed. A speed of 40 to 60 kmph is the ideal speed.
  • Use brakes sparingly – Using brake means you have to shift gears which means more fuel burning. Using less brakes means you are saving the fuel and the planet.

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