The Waimarama Sanctuary Project


Posts going in for the pest protection fence at The Waimarama Sanctuary Project
The Waimarama Sanctuary Project to protect our indigenous wildlife

In 2014  ecohome a sustainable design and construction firm decided to sponsor a pest fence around Nelson’s The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, the goal, to protect our residual wildlife and birds so that New Zealand once again has an active indigenous population. I sponsored a post at that time and to be honest I forgot about it. Doing some delayed bookkeeping I was reminder of the project and thought it would a good thing to see how things were going.

The project is ongoing but funds and volunteers are still being sought. The video below shows what has been achieved so far which is fantastic. Once the fence is complete then the sanctuary will be closed for about 12 months whilst trapping takes place to removed pests like rats, stoats and possums from within the fence perimeter. I am just concerned that ariel poison is going to be used. I know brodifacoum is consider safe and the reports I have read certainly maintain it is the choice especially for large pest infested areas but I still have concerns. Spraying a anticoagulant poison over  this area of land just give me a stomach clenching feeling. Ok I accept it is my psychology but does anyone else feel this way? Is there any other alternative? The sanctuary is not looking at a cheap alternative i know that but I still feel uncomfortable with it…am I alone in this?



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