Sustainable Housing & New Zealand – An Ideal Match

Sustainable Housing Developments of the Future

When thinking about environmental conservation, most people immediately think of cars, recycling, and energy-saving devices. Rarely do they think about the very structure and fabric of their homes, but sustainable housing is becoming an increasingly popular concept. However, there is no general consensus regarding what sustainable housing actually is. Common features usually include recyclable or sustainable building materials and appliances along with structures that conserve energy and water. But to many people, green housing isn’t just about protecting the environment and saving money. It’s a chance to rethink and improve upon the quality of their lives in a holistic way by building relationships with their families, nature and community. For example, New Zealand’s ample sunshine, its tradition of community and its connection to nature make it a perfect location for eco-friendly housing developments. That’s what makes the upcoming construction plans for an eco village prototype perfect for New Zealand. The off-grid village containing 100 homes will be built in Almere in the Netherlands. This is a pilot project led by ReGen Organisation and, if successful, further projects are likely to take place in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden. ReGen, along with architects EFFEKT and BV, consider New Zealand the ideal host for additional sustainable housing developments in the future.


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