Eco friendly office furniture for a sustainable future

By nature, eco friendly office furniture, especially tables and chairs made from wood, is inherently durable. Customised office furniture can also have lasting qualities, and what better place to take responsibility for your environment than in the office. After all, you are there every day. Up until recently, office furniture would have dangerous, toxic chemicals from their manufacturing methods. Fortunately today, you can buy new or used office furniture which is environmentally-friendly and suits any budget. Herman Millier is one such eco friendly office furniture brand that comes to mind, and with their award winning designs, you get style, comfort and elegance thrown in. Look at the company Knoll too – they make beautiful wood furniture from 100% recycled plywood. Many companies are pulling their weight in efforts to offer trendy, robust office furniture free from toxic sealants and veneers. What’s more is that some of them can even be assembled with the use of screws or bolts, and this is good news because none of us needs more work!


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